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Valli spring is a holy tank. Those who come by the steps may come by the elephant track and reach the spring. Those who come by the elephant track and reach the spring. Those who come by the elephant track may come through the Idumban Koil.

Valli spring is on overflow from a mountain-spring. It collects itself in a depression and forms a tank. It is frnced by iron bars and one is not allowed to get into it. They can sprinkle water on their heads. Two Nagas stones are at the edge and the water is used to perform ablutions to the Nagas. By investing little they hope to reap a big harvest from dandapani.

valli is under a tree surrounded by Naga stones. When she guarded the ragi fields "once she stood in the hot sun. Why should she be subjected to such hardship again", thought the Devasthanm and they inntend to provide her a roof.

To her left on a dais abutting the hill 35 images are housed in a row under the open sky. It looks kike an army parade. Devotees press coins on their body! That is why beggars are not alloewed here. Beggars give the petty coins they received as alms to us and receive rupees. We stick these coins on the images. Of course the beggars charge some commission for this transaction.



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