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Agni Nakshatra one of the important festivals at Palani. During the last 7 days of Chitrai and the first 7 days of the following month(i.e.Vaikasi) the devotees of Lord Muruga go around the Hill by foot, early in the mornings. As per the Palani mythology, it is considered holy to worship the Hill temple from afar or from near or go around it. It is also called Girivalam. It is an age old practice. In ancient days the siddhas, rishis, saints and other noble persons followed this practice. Girivalam gives mental peace, the medicinal herbs around the hillock cure many physical diseases. Nowadays people go around the temple by wearing Kadamba Flower.

To go round the hills on these days is very holy. It will be a grand sight to see thousands joining in this group.Some hundreds will carry Couvery water on their head from Kodumudi with music and devotional songs accompanying them. They will bathe Palani Andavar with this water and woship him. Becoause Sivacharyas first came from Kodumudi, they have adopted this system.

On the last day, Muthukumarasamy in Periyanayaki Amman Temple will distribute holy water in Ookkatti mandapam at the foot of the hills. Then he will go round the hils and return to his temole.

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