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It has three clear out portions. In the innermost part, there is set up the adorable image of Mulavar in standing posture with a staff in his hand. This exquisitely sculptured icon is seen draped in simple kawpeenam - loin cloth; for he renounced all the worldly possessions and ostentatious apparels or glittrering jewels on the day of his setting foot here. But the priests decorate him during evening hours deftly with costly royel clothes that virtually gives him an imperial look and dignified status.

This Rajalankaram with splendid diamond studded crown on head, bedecked with shimmering silks from neck to feet and dazzling jewels and fragrant pushpamalas over his chest is a sight to be seen and enjoyed than read or heard. Visitors drink in the exotic beauty of this prince charming with their eyes and pray soulfully for several boons seeing in him multifarious forms depending upon their mental make up and instinctive nature. Balasubramanyar for urchins, Shanmugasundaram for artists; Devasenapathi for valorous youth; Swaminathan for the theists hankering for divine wisdom, Gnanapandithan for saints, Vallikanthan for the loving couple and the like.

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