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Worship of Muruga in Tamil Nadu has a special importance. In the first place it is very ancient. It is holy. This custom has been in existence from the Sangam period, and has been handed over from generation to generation. Commencing from Nakkirar, continued by Kachiappar, Arunagiri Nather, Pamban Swamigal and Vallalar they have compared psalms and enriched the devotional aspects of Muruga.

Muruga has the unique distinction of being a Tamil God. Many have adopted Muruga as their personal deity and are in the habit of worshipping him daily. Innumerable are the devotees who recite Thirumurugattrupadai, Kandar Kali Venba and Kavacha Granthas daily. They have a firm faith that if they worship Muruga, their desires will be fulfilled, Muruga, the god of Kurunji is worshipped by all, as the god of Tamilians.

Though Muruga resides everywhere the custom in Tamil Nadu is to pay special attention to hill places as important for worship. The God of six faces worshipped specially six places called "Arupadai veedu". In this six places, every day is a festival day. Of these Tiruchendur, Tiruparankundram and Palani stand foremost in importance. The shrines of Muruga eulogized by poets like Arunagiri Nathar are deemed to be as sacred as places rendered holy by Thevaram.

It was customary for Tamilians to establish temples atop the hills and on the sea-shore and worship them. In that respect Palani has assumed great importance. The very mention of the name Palani brings to our mind Muruga, Kavadi, tonsure, sacred ash and Panchamrita. The scent of the sacred ash of Palani wafts throughout the universe. Devotees pay great attention to fulfill their vows here. The cult of "vow" is famous not only in our land but is spread far and wide in the East Asian countries.

The most special feature in Palani is the golden car. The sight of Muruga coming in procession in the golden chariot will be indeed soul stirring. The fragrance of the divine Palani hill spreads as far as Kodaikanal. Folks from Pandya Nadu, Kerala and Kongu flock to this place.

Tirupathi by its charitable institutions improve Andhra Desa. Similarly Palani temple by its revenue is instrumental for many reforms in Tamil Nadu. Flanked by hills Palani affords an excellent tourist attraction, and the enchanting scenery of the neighborhood attracts many a traveller. One should have a Darshan of Muruga during the ablutions. He presents as many charming views as there are devotees. It is in temples that one's mind gets merged with the divine. The temples have become treasures for eternity. Every temple is a poem in stone and they paint the fame of Muruga.

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