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Hail Shanmukha! all hail unto Thee, the illustrious son of Lord Siva!
Six are the sparks of light from Siva’s Trikuti flashed,
Six are Thy faces to remind the world of Thy Omnipresence,
Six are Thy attributes and functions as Bhagavan of all,
Six are the letters of Thy Mantra ‘Saravanabhava’ for all,
Six are the Devis that nursed Thee from the Karttik Star,
Six are the days in the Vrata of Skanda Shashthi to glorify Thy Avatara!
Hail Shanmukha! Hail unto Thee! Thou art the Lord of the Saktis:
The Power of Will is Your Iccha Sakti,—Valli Devi by name;
The Power of Action is Your Kriya Sakti,—Deivayanai of fame;
And Jnana Sakti,—Your Vel, that bestows Knowledge Supreme.
To protect the good and punish the wicked on this plane
Thou hast descended from above, as Siva’s glorious Son.
Thou art the indweller of the hearts of all creation
And Guha is Thy name, who dwells in the cave of every heart.
Many are the places wherein Thy Temples are ensconced,
And there Thy Divine Forms as Skanda and Subrahmanya are worshipped.
To punish the Asuras for their wicked deeds You came
And to save the Devas from their prolonged sufferings untold;
To remove the wails, sufferings and tribulations of the world,
Craving Thy mercy and protection men seek Thy Lotus Feet.
It is told that the Divine Sparks of Siva, Mother Ganga carried
To leave them in the Pool of Saravana at the behest of the Lord.
Unable to bear the scorching, fiery blaze of the Sparks,
Ganga hurried up to the pool Saravana and left them there.
Though desirous of having Thee, the glory and grace of Lord Siva,
Yet, unable to bear You in the glowing Sparks, she hurried to leave You there.
What then! Her wishes were fulfilled by the grace of Lord Siva,
And Skanda, His son, was born to bestow on one and all peace and bliss.
Praise be unto Thee, Lord Skanda! Thou art known as Kaliyuga Varada,
To safeguard righteousness and destroy Adharma in this land of Seers.
Many Thy forms; and many are Thy ways to bestow good upon man.
Perhaps in this Iron Age to fulfil Thy mission of protecting the Good
Thou hast come down to the ‘Abode of Bliss’ in the lofty Himalayas;
Son of Siva, to bestow Ananda on all, in name Sivananda,
Where on the slopes of the hills the holy Ganga rolls on,
There Thy abode with all Thy graces filled, the Kutir Ananda.
And to fight Ignorance and Worldliness of nature Asuric
Thou hast encamped with Your army of Devas in the wilderness.
And the army at Thy command fights daily with these Asuras dread.
Many a missile is sent by Thee across the vast country
To tear asunder the Asuric nature, forces undivine and Maya’s veil.
Messages, letters and books fly across, like arrows swift,
To annihilate ignorance and comfort the suffering Jivas!!
Thy words of inspiration and blessings reach the many;
They elevate the depressed, and infuse zeal into all seekers of Truth.
Bestowing the highest peace and bliss to all earnest aspirants,
Thou despatcheth the mighty ‘Vel’ in the form of thy Graces.
Glory to Thee! Skanda, in form Sivananda, Thy ways are mysterious;
But Faith and Love ever reveal to man the hidden glories of God!!

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