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This has a long legend and takes us to the time of Agasthya's penance here. The great Saga drawn by the sequestered sublimity of this region chose it for penance during his southern trip. After completing it satisfactorily, he dedicated to move further south words. Realizing the sanctity and sublimity hovering over these two hills, he then bade his mighty demon assistant to carry them popularly known as Sivagiri and Sakthigiri tying them onto a Kavadi. He obeyed.

While on the move, the Sakthigiri was seen going up into the air and so placed some heavy stones to equalize the weight, yet it was floating in the air stopping, he closely observed the Sivagiri hill to know its might. Them found he, a small boy sitting on the Sivagiri hill and presumed rightly that he was the cause for it. He at once ordered the tiny tot to go out of the hill.

There was exchange of harsh words, followed by fisticuffs. Alas! Idumban was floored and killed on the spot. At the instant of Agasthya Mahrishi, Murugan breathed a fresh lease of life, In addition the omni passionate Muruga took him into his service as Dwarapalaka at the latter's humble request, besides ordering first worship to him everyday. This tradition is being carried on since then.

Realizing the supreme spiritual significance of this the Devasthanam authority purchased it from the Forest department and built a fitting temple it is provided with a flight of 551 steps for easy Mounding. It lies only a kilometer off Sivagiri hill. A most - worthy place.




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