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Among the six holy hill temples-'Arupadaiveedus' of shanmuga, the commander-in-chief of Devasainya, palani claims a much-coveted place and it is unique in several aspects. Although the other five temples like swamimalai, where he thought pranava mantra to paramasiva,his own revered father; palamudicholai-the stadium for demonstration of his boyhood sports; Tiruchendur the scene of action of his dauntless war against padmasura; Tirupparakundram-the holy spot of his wedding with lovely doughter of Devendira; and tiruttani-the calm, sequestered place of scenic beauty, he chose for quite retirement have established for themselves special niches in the temple that Bharat mata is, Palani takes pride of place and its pretty sivagiri after a pretty quarrel with this parents for giving 'Gnanaphal' to vinayaka, his own elder brother, who by his matchless vivek-wisdom obtained it in the contest held on the occasion of Narada's presenting the Gnanaphal to lord siva, deeming him the only right and fittest person among gods to receive it.

Despite going round the world on his mount muyura with a velocity matching his craze for winning the trophy, he did not get the desired; for the scriptural wisdom unmistakably and loudly proclaims that father and mother are the living gods on the earth and going round them making pradakshana tantamount to completing the bhupradakshana.

Unable to stomach the defeat, he accused his parents and settled down here permanently much against the persuasion of his loving parents. And for the sake of fruit he left kailas and made this as his abode, this sacrosanct place was fittingly named Palani after him, for he was himself a 'phal' as said by his own father now listen.

Hurling harsh words- "the judgment is partial; parents hear less; the audience nerveless' the rat-borne vinayaka worthless and does not deserve anything, the irate subramaniya set out for a calm pleasant place to live penance Despaired parents rushed to the spot and tried their level best to basify their angry kid justifying their action, but he was adamant.

At the end said lord siva drawing him close to his bosom-"Muruga, my darling! why care about that ephemeral fruit, which can be consumed in a trice, you are yourself the gnanaphal fruit of the knowledge, which lasted for ever and illumines the words by dispelling agnanathimira-darkness of ignorance; You are the phal-phal-nee".

This trisyllabaled word that fell from the devine lips of lord mahaswar is treasuring up priceless wisdom, though seemingly simple in the combination of two words 'phal-nee' its impact was instant and complete. It subsided anger and ended in making muruga realize life in its full perspective and mystic philosophy of existence. Contended with the reasoning, he answered that his anger was appeased and would live here for ever. It was accepted by his loving parents.

Thus came into being the name 'palani' then, and attained supreme unparalleled supremacy with the passage at time, due to his illumining the adorers with boundless gnana, and relieving them from the clutches of satanic forces fermenting. These events happened some millenniums before and later by the soul pour of sage Bhogo; its spiritual eminence started spreading for and wide fills the entry of powerful rulers, who build a magnificent temple for the adoration of devotees.


On account of demonstrating divine sports and drawing people to his sannidhi for emancipation, this muruga kshetra perched at on enviable place and made other age-old shrines pale into insignificance; for it was to this place, celestial dignitaries like surya, Aagni together with mother Laxmi accompanied by Parvathi descended once to whorship him for tiding over their difficulties and gain illumination; it is this lord considered as the Gnanapandit; it is this Muruga famed as the custodian of Tamil culture and literature; it is this lord renowned as the prince charming among the gods' it is this dountless warrion, who subdued and destroyed all the danavadhamas; who caused night mares to Devendra. and celestials; it is this lord's compassion boundless that transformed Surapadma, the formidable demon into his vehicle-mayura occording to death wish; it is the temple along among the six hill temples providing the old and infirm devotees with haulage winch service for reaching his sannidhi; it is this temple's emergence coincided with sage.

Agasthya's south-words journey with his disciple. Idumbar, who fought dreadfully only to become his sentinel at the end; it is this spot at his setting foot first after leaving kailas now goes by the name of Avinankudi; it is at this holy place Muruga held his royal court of all gods and saints and emancipated them; it is here decided to put on saffron dyed cloths and deer skin in token of eschewing worldly possessions; it is here in the vicinity lies the Saravana Poigai-a sacred step-well tank that destroys the accumulated sins of any person with a mere dip, or even by symbolic use of its water sprinkling over the head; it is this Avinankudi temple finding a place in legends as the third Padai Veedus and it is this temple's annual income through Hundi collecrion etc, crossing crosses enabling the temple management undertaking several humanitarian services, like founding of premier educational institutions, running of service organizations and with many commendable features supreme, this Muruga kshetra earned on unenviable reputation among the temples of South India in general and Murugan Thirukoils in particular.

Its monumental contribution to the promotion of devotion and spiendid record of achievements for excel those of the Yogas-old temples that is igniting jealousy in the minds of veteran organizers of religious institutions striving for the spiritual upliftment of mankind.

Does this not tempt the reader to think of probing a little about the birth and upbringing of this field-marshal of Devasainya, whose unprecedented generalship relieved the entire Devaganas from the eternal physical fortune and mental torments inflicted on them by the diabolical acts of sadist danavadamas? Legends and literacy accounts on all genres and languages abound in rich corps of information.

Though there are innumerable versions of his birth , growth etc., the three that passes through them emphasizes his parents and protectors. And the authors too are of no mean distinction, who presented a colorful picture at his mutidiment personality.


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