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After climbing a little, we can see the Valli Temple in the left. In its front mandapa in a stucco niche is Valli. Vinayaga and two mortals are also seen. Are they Valli's relatives? Opposite to this and facing east in the descending steps are two men with Bows. Perhaps they too are her relations.

The climbers to forget the strain of ascsent will be chanting and singing loudly. We can see Kerala devotees coming with great reverence. Males, females, old and young climb with devotion. Some philanthropic gentlemen have built steps and rest houses. All the steps were completed in 1925, Numerous Vinayaga and Murugan temples are on the steps. In the elephant track too, there are beautiful stucco figures.

Out of these there are three important places to be seen. We have already seen the Valli temple. The next is the Valli spring and the last is Idumban Koil. Here Sarpa Vinayagar, Vuravadi Velar, Vyapuri Thurai, Idumban, Sapta Kannigas in the eighteen steps all are seen here.

The elephant tract is the path which separates at the junction of the temples of Siddi Vinayagar and CheraVinayagar. The path is without steps. It is said that the Chera Vinayagar temple was built by Cheraman Perumal Nayanar.




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